The First Apron

This is the first apron ... 




Working as a milliner I needed an apron I could wear in the studio. One that was tough, durable but looked smart enough to meet clients in. I couldn't find one I liked, so, I decided to make my own. 

I visited Berwick Street in London's Soho and found a shop selling Japanese selvedge denim. It was love at first sight. The fabric was perfect, it ticked all the boxes on my brief with the added advantage that I wouldn't need to wash it very often and was fond of the idea that it would age and wear over time developing its own personality like a beloved old leather bag or pair of boots. 

I thought the selvedge was beautiful and wanted to expose it on the design so used it on the top and bottom edges of the apron and on the top of the pockets. I added some cotton tape ties and then my new apron was finished. 

Since putting them into production the design has been altered slightly. The cotton tapes are now black which I think looks a bit smarter and they are longer so you can tie them around the front too. The necktie is adjustable thanks to a brass eyelet and the pockets have been reinforced with denim rivets to ensure they last (they are also straight and no longer wonky!)

The original apron is a few years old now and I still love it. The fabric has softened slightly and as you can see from the photo we have been on a few adventures together ;

It's stuck by me in the studio helping to protect my clothes from harsh millinery chemicals, has been worn in the kitchen whilst cooking many meals and a lot of disastrous cakes (baking is not my forte), has been stolen by the cat for a while who decided it was his favourite bed of all time, has come to pottery class with me (2 classes to be exact - again, pottery not my forte) and has been worn in the garden whilst trying to make 100% concrete look a little less "concrete-y" and a little more "garden-ey". 

Currently, it's hanging on the back of the kitchen door while the cat stares at it longingly...

Hands off cat, it's mine.